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400F Spot Welder DIY Kit LED Spot Welding Machine Set for 0.25mm 18650 Battery

400F Spot Welder DIY Kit LED Spot Welding Machine Set for 0.25mm 18650 Battery

400F Spot Welder DIY Kit LED Spot Welding Machine Set for 0.25mm 18650 Battery

5.4V 400F Capacitor Spot Welder DIY Kit LED Portable Spot Welding Machine Set Semi-automatic Weld Tools for 0.25mm 18650 Battery. Using 2.7V 100F or 120F capacitor with very low internal resistance, 2 series 8 parallel, Internal resistance: 5 milliohms, a total of 400F, not 1600F. Using 25 square soft AWG silicone wire, lower internal resistance and good feel.

It adopts red copper threaded soldering pen, which has lower internal resistance and more durable than traditional brass soldering pen. The control panel has been updated with new functions, we will always release new versions, so stay tuned. Our price may be higher than other shops, but the materials we use will be better than other shops, at least I think our spot welding machine is the best in its class.

This product is assembled and finished. It can be used directly after receiving the goods. In addition, please note the type of plug you need when ordering. Regarding tariffs, we will make some efforts to this end.

Added voltage 1 and voltage 2 display functions to control the voltage during spot welding. The use of the machine.

Connect the charger, the lower right corner is the rotation button, the rotation can move the cursor and adjust the value size, and the confirmation is to press the button. The larger the value of the pulse, the stronger the welding ability. For example, the value of pulse one for spot welding 0.15MM nickel is about 7, and the pulse two can be adjusted. Wait: Simply put, the larger the continuous discharge value, the longer the continuous discharge time.

Automatic welding: It can be adjusted according to your own requirements... (Novice recommends more than one second). The voltage setting in the interface can adjust the voltage discharge voltage of the capacitor, for example: the capacitor is a single 2.8V, then the voltage is 5.6V after the series connection, if the capacitor is 2.7V, it is 5.4V adjustable, remember not to exceed the voltage after the series!

(1)The charging current refers to the charging speed at which the capacitor is charged, the larger the value, the faster the charging, the value range is 1-10A. (2) Single capacitor withstand voltage: refers to the withstand voltage range of a single capacitor, such as 2.7V withstand voltage and 2.7V capacitor. The 2.8V capacitor is set to 2.7V. This is not overvoltage and long-term use Will cause damage to the capacitor.

Do not set a voltage value that exceeds the capacitance! Save and exit after making data changes! Spot welding 0.15 nickel sheets setting: pulse 1 is 5ms, pulse 2 is 5ms, and AUTO is 1S. Spot welding 0.2mm nickel settings: pulse 1 is 12ms, pulse 2 is 5ms, AUTO for 1S. It is recommended that pulse1 and pulse2 be set within 20ms to keep the spot welder healthy.

Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement. 1x Spot Welding Machine Host. 1x 12V 10A Power Supply. We are a professional worldwide wholesale company, with our own factory located in China.

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400F Spot Welder DIY Kit LED Spot Welding Machine Set for 0.25mm 18650 Battery