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MCWLaser Laser Welder Machine 400W Welding and Cutting Machine

MCWLaser Laser Welder Machine 400W Welding and Cutting Machine

MCWLaser Laser Welder Machine 400W Welding and Cutting Machine
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Brand New, High Quality and Extra Long Life. The machine was consists of laser power, laser parts, laser pointer part, guide light and focusing systems, operating systems, control systems, table parts, specialized servo head(optional), cooling system, etc. (1)The machine is fast speed, deep depth, little deformation when welder. (2) The machine can be welded at room temperature or special conditions.

(3) The power density is high after the laser focus. Welding at high power devices, the aspect ratio of up to 5: 1, up to 10: 1 (4) can be welded refractory materials, such as titanium, quartz, etc. And can be of the opposite sex welding materials, to good effect. After welding a focused laser beam spot available small, precise positioning and can be applied to large-volume automated production of micro, small components (6) can be welded inaccessible parts of the implementation of the non-contact remote welding, with great flexibility. (7) The laser beam is easy to achieve beam splitting by time and space, capable of multi-beam processing and multi-site processing, for more sophisticated welding provided the conditions.

The largest welding penetration (stainless steel). The maximum cutting thickness (stainless steel). Maximum load bearing precision three-dimensional electric displacement.

The three dimensional electric displacement Taiwan trip. X = 300mm, Y = 100 mm (precision lead screw and guide rail rigidity). Three phase four wire system (zero line and ground wire to separate) 380V±5%.

Foot switch control to operate the workbench and laser output. Clean, no shaking, Temperature 13 c -28 c, humidity 5% -75%.

The laser welding machine is used to weld various kinds of metal. It is integrative design, high output power, good energy stability, simple and convenient operation, reliable performance, wide application and other characteristics. It adopts most advanced laser technology made in Germany, this laser has a cooling effect and high light conversion efficiency.

The optical system uses a fully sealed structure, with optical preview and focus indicator function, appearance more beautiful, more aspects of the operation. The machine is equipped with the latest external water cooling system, low running noise, high precision temperature control for the machine to do a long run to provide a reliable guarantee. Between the same kinds of steel welding: welding carbon steel, ordinary steel, stainless steel among different: stainless steel - mild steel, 416 stainless steel -310 stainless steel, 347 stainless steel -HASTALLY nickel alloys, nickel electrode - cold forged steel, nickel different content of metal strip, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver and other metals and alloys of the same kind between the weld metal.

Welding between dissimilar metals such as copper - copper - nickel, nickel - titanium, copper -, titanium - molybdenum, brass, - copper, low carbon steel. Electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments, eyeglasses and clocks, jewelry, auto parts, building materials, medical equipment and other industries. Return must in original package and not been used. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\CNC, Metalworking & Manufacturing\Welding & Soldering Equipment\Welding Equipment & Accessories\Welders, Cutters & Torches\TIG Welders". The seller is "cnsigntech" and is located in this country: CN. This item can be shipped to North, South, or Latin America, all countries in Europe, all countries in continental Asia, Australia.
  • Brand: MCWlaser
  • Model: CL-M400W
  • MPN: welding
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China

MCWLaser Laser Welder Machine 400W Welding and Cutting Machine